Fedde Le Grand & Funkerman - 3 Minutes To Explain

3 Minutes To Explain

Fedde Le Grand and Funkerman feat. Andy and Dorothy Sherman

August 13th, 2008

How fast a buzz can grow is proven by ‘3 Minutes To Eplain’, by Fedde and Funkerman. Even before the official promotion on the record started, it became one of the most sought after records for a while and not only by music lovers, but even by big players like Bob Sinclair and David Vendetta.

‘3 Minutes To Explain ’ is a clash of the Titans. Fedde le Grand needs no further introduction and Funkerman is gaining global recognition at this moment with his single ‘Speed Up’. This record is one of those records which gets you stuck in it’s groove from the very first beat. You instantly feel that there is a big tune about to drop. This is house with anthem appeal written all over.