Brooklyn Bounce EP

Funkerman ft. Jay Colin

September 20th, 2010

The Crown Prince of musical diversity, the one and only Funkerman, is back once again with a double whammy release that seems to be doubling as an attempt to fit as many variations on house into two records as possible. The two tracks up for grabs are Brooklyn In Da House and Pick Up The Bounce (ft. Jay Colin), and there’s a real sense that the two have been chosen for their complementary natures.

This sounds like this should be a bad thing, and if it were anyone else that would most likely be the case. But with Funkerman behind the wheel everything in fact turns out rather nicely indeed. As an internationally renowned DJ and producer who has built his career on a refusal to be restricted to a single genre, perhaps we should expect no less from him than greatness.

The first, Brooklyn In Da House has a subtle electronica vibe alongside the punchy rhythms that seems at first as though it should be at odds with the vocal sample. This is undoubtedly an interesting track – of course it’s a bass-ridden floorfiller, that’s almost a given. Yet on another level you’re almost as likely to have your ear up against the speaker, trying to figure out where this guy got all his ideas.

Pick Up The Bounce is arguably the more mainstream of the two tracks, but is none the worse for it. Vocal contributions come courtesy of Jay Colin, an artist Funkerman has already turned to on several occasions when seeking a very particular urban flavour for his tracks. The title’s ‘bounce’ does much to sum the track up. Not only do Jay’s vocals keep on jumping us from the classy side of the Atlantic (London) to the stylish (New York), the bouncy beats and irresistible basslines that drive the track are sure to make you bounce yourself.

There’s enough going on with both these tracks to interest the connoisseur and the house-head alike. Their release seems to indicate Funkerman’s insatiable habit for roaming the boundaries of genre is here to stay, for we hope at least a little while longer.

Funkerman – Brooklyn In Da House and Pick Up The Bounce (ft. Jay Colin) is out on Flamingo Recordings from September 20th 2010 and available on www.itunes.com, www.beatport.com , www.trackitdown.net and all other online retailers.