Funkerman - La Sirena

Funkerman – La Sirena EP

Source: Publicity Lab

Throw La Sirena into Google Translate and, in case you hadn’t worked it out for yourself already, ‘the siren’ pops out the other end. The question is, which kind of siren is this latest offering from the global music sensation that is Funkerman?

Is it the type of siren that blares out at raves, or during natural disasters, alerting everyone within a 5-mile radius to its immediate and inescapable presence? Or are we the talking classical, ‘stranding-sailors-on-the-rocks’ type of siren? Or perhaps it’s both. La Sirena is an immensely alluring track, yet it’s bursting at the seams with summery party vibes too.
Not only that, it also has a keys loop that has the allure of the sound made famous by Jim Morrison and The Doors. There aren’t many producers that are able to successfully emulate an iconic 1960s vibe on a partylicious house track. Hats off to Funkerman everybody.

The flip side of La Sirena is Smoking Blue, and as usual Funkerman has chosen a track which perfectly complements its lead in terms of pace. With Smoking Blue he jumps in straight away with some punchy tribal beats, yet the track is more understated than it perhaps first appears.

It has a sexy, hypnotic feel to it that makes a physical response almost impossible to resist. If La Sirena will have you grooving hard, Smoking Blue will have you swaying along before you’re even realised you’ve left your chair.
What we have here is another of simply must-have records that will be making partygoers very cheerful on a regular basis. From Funkerman though, we’d hardly expect anything less.

Funkerman – La Sirena/Smoking is out from today on Can Your Feel It Records and exclusively available on The EP will be available on and all other online music retailers from April 25th.